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"Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings"

The Program Guide

The Annexes

The co-financed Program concerns buildings which have a building permit or other legalization document, are located in areas with an average zone price lower than or equal to 2,100 €/sq.m., are used as a residence, their owners meet specific income-related criteria and are classified as low energy efficiency buildings.

The Program offers citizens incentives to carry out the most important interventions, aimed at improving their houses’ energy efficiency, while at the same time contributes to the achievement of Greece’s energy and environmental targets; once completed, the Program will help save energy up to 1 billion kWh annually.

The “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program

More particularly, the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program concerns grant aid for energy efficiency interventions to buildings, throughout the country, which:

  • are located in areas with an average zone price1 lower than or equal to 2,100 €/sq.m., as set by 31.12.2009;
  • have a building permit. If there is not a building permit a relevant legalization document must be provided, which verifies that the building is legal2. In cases when the building permit has been lost or the relevant documents, on the basis of which the above mentioned legalization document can be issued, are not readily available, the relevant permit and legalization document can be submitted to the bank before signature of the loan agreement.
  • have been classified, according to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), as lower than or equal to class D;
  • have not been marked for demolition

1Zone Price as shown on the Single Real Estate Fee (ETAK) or in the Zone Price electricity bill of Public Power Corporation ΔΕΗ or other provider. Where supporting documentation indicates that no zone price has been set in accordance with the objective values of the Ministry of Finance in the area where the property is located (e.g. in areas not included in town plans or settlement boundaries), the minimum zone price applicable in the area of the first level Local Authorities will be taken into account or, if no zone price has been set in this area, the minimum zone price applicable in the Prefecture where the property is located.

2 Eligible buildings are also considered,those which refer to paragraph 2 of article 23 of N. 4014/11 (FEK A’ 209), as applied.

Program implementation is based on the application of the legal framework recently established through the Buildings’ Energy Efficiency Regulation (KENAK, Δ6/Β/5825/30.03.2010, Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic Β’ 407) and Presidential Decree 100/30.09.2010 (Official Jounal of the Hellenic Republic 177/Α) concerning energy inspectors.

The purpose of the Program is to determine the buildings’ energy requirements, as well as the necessary interventions that will maximize energy conservation. The combined application of the program and the above-mentioned legal framework establishes an integrated framework for the implementation of energy efficiency actions.

The Program will be implemented through a Holding Fund entitled “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings Fund” (DECISION no. 31654/ΕΥΘΥ1415/20.07.2010, Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic Β/ 1262). The budget of the Program is EUR 396 million; the Program will be implemented throughout Greece, with an indicative regional allocation to the 13 Regions according to Annex XIII.

To ensure the success of the Program, the following departments participate in its planning, management and implementation:

The Management Authority for the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship” (EYD EPAE)


Department for planning and coordination of NSRF co-financed actions in the fields of Energy, Natural Resources and Climate Change (EYSED EN/KA) – Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA)

E.T.E.AN. A.E., the Hellenic Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development , prior (TEMPME S.A.) – “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Holding Fund


The Hellenic Energy Inspectorate (EYEPEN) of YPEKAΑ


Energy Inspectors enrolled in the Registry of Energy Inspectors of YPEKA

Financial Institutions / Banks

Duration of the Program

Applications may be submitted until the Program Budget per Region has been spent.


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