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"Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings"

The Program Guide

The Annexes

The Program will result to direct energy, environmental and social benefits, including, among others:

  • saving energy ,approximately 1 billion kWh per year; 
  • increasing awareness among citizens, concerning the rational use of energy and environmental protection;
  • improving living conditions in buildings and cities, as well as day-to-day lives of citizens;
  • improving urban environment;
  • mobilizing market forces towards developing sustainable communities;

More specifically, for citizens:

  • Grants will be provided to three categories of citizens who can apply to the Program.
  • Liquidity (capital) will be granted to citizens in the form of loans, so that they can start works without spending their own money
  • Loans will be granted under particularly favorable terms.
  • The cost of energy inspections will be compensated.
  • Project consultant’s fee will be compensated. His/her role is the supervision of the implementation of energy efficiency upgrading interventions and completion of the project (the submission of all the relevant documents until the final disbursement, is also included).
The economic benefits are presented in detail under the Citizens/Recipients section.

Tax Deductions

The new Tax Law 4024/2011, foresees a reduction in payable tax, which can reach 300.00 € for energy efficiency expenditures of up to 3,000.00 €. Tax deductions do not apply to funds received by a citizen in the form of a grant.


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