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"Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings"

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The transportation of materials and systems necessary for the implementation of the project is undertaken at the supplier’s responsibility. The supplier issues an appropriate billing document and relevant dispatch note, indicating the recipient’s (or recipients’, in the case of a block of flats) destination address and a detailed analysis of the products being transported for the needs of the Program, according to the Energy Inspector’s proposals’ detailed description.

The detailed analysis must be provided at an expenditure category level, in order make possible the filling out of the "Interventions Record – Project Completion Form"

Dispatch notes are accompanied by copies of the certificates laying down the energy characteristics of materials/systems.
A dispatch note must be issued in full compliance with the provisions of the Tax Code of Books and Documents and constitutes an important document for the purposes of the Program, which concerns verification of the project implementation according to the Energy Inspector’s proposals. Finally, the phrase“within the framework of the ‘Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings’ Program” must be included in the text entered in the special field of the Dispatch Note entitled “purpose of transportation”.

The materials/systems’ supplier declares their characteristics in a Legal Statement of Law 1599/1986, according to the sample included in Annex IΧ_Β. The contractor verifies correct installation/placement/application of materials/systems, according to the conditions set by the supplier and/or energy inspector, in a Legal Statement in accordance with the sample included in Annex IΧ_Α. Where the materials have been supplied and the project has been implemented by the same natural or legal person, one Legal Statement is drafted for all the above, according to the sample included in Annex IΧ-C. When issuing documents and settling payments for expenditure, suppliers/contractors must comply with the terms and conditions set in section Completion of Interventions – Financing.

Disbursement concerns payments directly to the bank accounts of suppliers/contractors, following an order given by the recipient.

Any billing documents and corresponding dispatch notes which are not issued in accordance with the above conditions will not be accepted and the relevant expenditures will not be considered eligible under the Program.


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