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"Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings"

The Program Guide

The Annexes

Date of Entry into Force of the Program:

The Date of Entry into Force of the Program is 01/02/2011.

Application submission period

Applications may be submitted until the Program Budget per Region has been spent.

Performance of the 1st Energy Inspection

The first energy inspection must take place and the 1st EPC must be issued before the citizen/recipient submits the relevant application

Decision for Approval – Information to Recipients

The decision for the approval of recipients is sent by the Hellenic Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development (E.T.E.AN. A.E.), ex T.E.M.P.M.E. S.A., to the cooperating Banks. Within 10 days from the date of notification of the above decision, banks invite recipients to inform them and have them sign the relevant loan agreements

Signature of the Loan Agreement

The relevant loan agreement must be signed within two (2) months from the date of notification of the decision for approval to the Bank. Following approval by E.T.E.AN. A.E., the signature of the relevant loan agreement may be extended for a maximum period of fifteen (15) days.

Intervention Implementation Period

Implementation of the interventions, disbursement of the loan amount and payment of the expenditures must be completed within four (4) months from the date of signature of the loan agreement.

Performance of the 2nd Energy Inspection

The second energy inspection must take place within the contractual deadline set for the implementation of the interventions.

Extension of the implementation deadline

Extension will be granted only if sufficient evidence is provided that there are important reasons for the impediment of the works. Extension may be granted for a maximum period of three (3) months.

In order for an extension to be granted, a relevant request must be submitted to the cooperating Bank at least one (1) month prior to the end (deadline) of the contractual project implementation period.

Completion and Full Payment of the Interventions

The recipient must submit all required documents to the bank at least one (1) month prior to the end (deadline) of the contractual implementation period.

The materialization of the current first cycle of the Program must be completed by 31.06.2012 at the latest (contractual implementation period).
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